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ТС По умолчанию Re: panamoney - panamoney.net

[quote]the problem with your account was in the amount you requested for
withdrawal. It is due to rounding off your profits. When we trade,
all numbers are rounded to 4 digits accuracy after point (.0000) and
on your account the profit is shown with 2 digits accuracy after point
(.00) actually you had 0.0001 less than 2 dollars (but it was rounded
to 2 by the system) and when you requested the amount your request has
been rejected and in the withdrawal report you saw: 'not enough money
in your account'. This rounding off issue will be solved by our
technical as soon as possible.

We have processed $1.95 withdrawal to your lr account and you have 0.5
left on your panamoney account.[/quote]

наконец то саппорт решил все проблемы
как говорят не прошло и полгода
выплата получена
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