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По умолчанию Re: Stoic - stoic-capital.com, 1.4% - 2.8% ежедневно, LR

In the last few weeks we have met the problem that our current banking and wire provider cannot establish draft technology for cheques required to improve our services and to complete our plans and promises. Hence, we have made a strategic decision to move to another banking payment provider to process our transfers in the view of deposits and withdrawals not by bank wire only but by cheque and ACH as well. At the moment the legal procedure is complete but we have to complete web-site integration for wires and these new payment methods.

Because of this, the mass payment of withdrawals by wire pended will be on hold for 2 more weeks, till May 22-nd. Please accept our apologizes for the inconvenience and we hope that our investors will treat this with understanding.

At the same time our duty is to offer our investors the alternative way to withdraw the yields earned on the deposits by wire these weeks, if there is an urgency for some reason. For such cases we offer the feature to withdraw funds by cheque mailed. Please kindly find the special withdrawal form in Make Withdrawal page. After one places the withdrawal by cheque order, we will process it manually the nearest business day, draft and mail the cheque to the address specified in the form. The option to get the cheque in person will be available during the Congress and after it in our offices as well.

We continuously work to improve our interfaces and add more payment methods to serve our investors the best way!

кто как понимает? выплат не будет до 22 мая???