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Сегодня сайт проекта подвергся ДДОС-атаке, о чем админ сообщил в письме инвесторам:
[QUOTE]Dear Members,
Earlier today, we were under a heavy ddos attack, most likely from our competitors.
We resolved this issue as quick as we could, We will do our best to prevent this situation
from occurring again in the future. We want to apologize once again for the inconvenience we caused you and
to thank you for supporting us during this tough times.
Yours Faithfully,
MyBetWinn Team.[/QUOTE]

Но атаку успешно пережили и продолжают платить:

Date : 10/02/2009 08:47
From/To Account : U2873082
Amount : 1.2
Currency : USD
Batch : 1432103
Memo : Received Payment 1.2 USD from account U2873082. Memo: Withdraw to Infolist from My Bet Winn
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