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[b]E-mail from the admin:[/b]

[i]"Dear visitors and users of the [url]www.shltd.biz[/url] website! Yesterday, on March 08, 2016 at 14:08 our payment systems have been broken.
We shall remind you that in the program has worked payments method by using an "instant" up to 6 dollars. Thus, has been connected API for instant payments.
Using vulnerability of API, by malefactors have been withdrawn $9800 from Perfect Money wallet; $5000 rom the ADVcash wallet ; 9.1 BTC from the bitcoin wallet;
$1800 from the Payeer wallet. Thanks to quick appeals to Administrations of some above-mentioned payment systems, we managed to refund some part of this money.
However bitcoin and Payeer's money were not refunded.

What we offer:
Taking to account the difficult situation, we propose the following solution:
To all investors who have been made deposits using bitcoin and Perfect Money payment systems and whose deposit there was from 30 dollars and more, it is offered to make deposits from account balance (make a "reinvest") and make request for withdrawal only percentage profit (earnings only). These conditions will work within several days, untill full stabilization of a situation. About cancellation of these conditions it will be reported additionally in the "News" section of our program .
To investors who have been deposits using Payeer, NIX Money and ADVcash payment systems, funds will be paid without any restrictions from now.

What have been made:
The Smart Home Group LTD company within 24 last hours has created team which task includes the fastest solution of current situation.
At the moment there are no problems with any payment system.
Security measures have been strengthened.

What we plan:
We are ready to continue cooperation;
We are ready to continue to make payments;
We are ready to develop the program and to generate a profit for our clients.

Difficulties make us only stronger!

Smart Home Ltd - your smart home already now!
Best Regards,
Tim Engelharf
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