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Новости на сайте
Oct-12-2009 08:11:08 PM
[quote]Servers and Software updated
Server and Software updated After a few weeks of constant problems with the front end website we have now completed a software upgrade and also moved to new hyper fast servers. The main front end of the system is now hosted on 2 servers each with dual quad processors and no less then 16GB of RAM. They are then connected to a true 100mb multi network connection. You might notice that the whole system now loads faster and even during evenings with heavy load we still have “power” in spare. What is left is the last part of minor clean-up in a small amount of accounts the saw some effects from server errors. We aim to be ready with all this in the next 72 hours. Once done we will launch some new features that we are sure will be valuable to our members. A new design is also in the process again and a complete revamp of our German site will then be re-launched. Support has been slightly slower the last 2 weeks, with average reply time almost 18 hours, but we now aim at getting this down to our normal “12 hours or less”. Kind Regards The WBwso Staff[/quote]

[b]В двух словах[/b] - новые супер-пупер сервера, новое ПО, сайт стал
работать быстрее. Скоро будут новые функции и новый дизайн.
Суппорт стал быстрее рабоатать. И все вроде

PS Блин и зачем так много расписывать?