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Update from the admin!

[i]To all our valued members;

Yesterday on our grand launching, we have suffered a massive DDos attack that took our website offline and inaccessible for all users including us. But our company will not kneel and be on the mercy of DDos Blackmailer. we stood our ground and decided to transfer to a much more powerful hosting company and subscribe to their most expensive DDos protections to keep our website online.

As of now, our DNS are still propagating after the server migrations, and it might take upto 48 hours for complete DNS propagation, You can use VPN or Proxy to get an instant access to the site during this period.

More monitors and advertising campaign will be rolled over on the next 48 hours to reach more people and to increase our exposure in the community. Our Live Support Group are working 12 hours daily based on UK time to provide instant solutions for your problems, While all support emails are processed and answered within 24 hours.

Sincerely Yours;
Your, Growth9 Family[/i]
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