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Получил такую информацию от админа:
[quote]Here is our myfxbook profile. In this page you can see detailed and updated statistic about each strategy.


Please remember, there is no performance guarantee or risk-free or whatever no-loss-always-profit guarantee, and we don't guarantee your unit will perform exactly same compared to account at our myfxbook. (if it is exactly same, then your fund is on the account that published on myfxbook).

We are working like this : Everyday we will check all buy-unit transaction, if 3 peoples invest in same 100$-priced unit, then we create new trading account and deposit 294$ balance into it (6$ is our fee), then that unit will be traded by EA. And because of this, sometimes investor will start receiving profit at day after tomorrow.

Another info, we also have twitter account at [url]http://twitter.com/pmaforex[/url]

Thank you for cooperating with us. Comment and constructive suggestion are always welcome.

Говорит о том как работает и дает ссылку [url]www.myfxbook.com/members/pmaforex[/url] - для просмотра статистики торгов.
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