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[quote]These are tough times for everybody, even for car makers and fuel providers, even Dubai a major oil provider is badly in trouble. These bad times are also times of change and times people need to change, not only for the economy, but also for our environment. This considered and we need to agree that bio ethanol is a powerful investment and will take the automobile industry in a storm. If you go to your local gasoline station, you might have seen already "this fuel is 20% powered by bio ethanol". However, this 20% is just the beginning. Bio fuels delivered from plants, driven by factors such as the oil price and the need of energy security. Most Bio Ethanol is a sugar and starch corps, but even grass, trees vegetable oils, animal fat or recycled greases. Last year the world already used around 2% of all world transports on this cheaper and biological fuel. Consider all this and follow us to make the world a environmental friendlier place. "Czarnikow, one of the London’s oldest commodity traders, says sugar cane derived ethanol has the potential to become a super bio fuel, but only if there is a significant investment in production and infrastructure." We offer investment terms that provide flexibility and safe returns. With 1% and up to 1.9% daily for 200 business days, you are surely double, but be able to almost triple your money within 200 working days.[/quote]
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