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[QUOTE]Investing with our company is totally transparent. By opening a managed Forex trading account in our company's web-site you get a unique opportunity to monitor trading transactions our company makes on the foreign exchange market in real time, as well as many other features for maximizing your returns. The profit you gain depending on the amount you invest and our Forex trading results goes to your account the next day you make it. The minimum amount for investing into a FxPlus managed Forex account is as low as 10 USD. Unlike other Forex trading companies, we do not impose any monthly charges for account management and do not have any hidden fees. Our company guarantees the safety of every client's investment and profits offering the reliable client protection from any trading losses, since its Safety Fund provides the required insurance coverage. The innovative technology automated Forex trading system developed by our company's specialists is based on modern advanced techniques and trading strategies, and has been proving it effective for many years. The system uses no leverage along with the unique technologies enabling us to significantly minimize the risks in Forex trading and to generate above average results.


[B]Инвестиционные планы[/B]: 1.9-5.0% daily for 10-180 days
Минимальный вклад: $10
Максимальный вклад: $40000
Реф-программа: 5%
Выплаты: Автоматические

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Date : 2010-27-01 23:34:24
From/To Account : U7247482 (FXPLUS)
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Currency : LRUSD
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