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Новости от админа:

This is a friendly newsletter from Paul Malek

As a part of our promotion campaign I am pleased to announce a double-bonus weekend.

First, you will receive a 10% deposit bonus if you deposit into White Fund during this weekend. This deposit bonus applies both to new and current members. If you make a new deposit between $20 and $2000 this Saturday and Sunday, you will receive a 10% Deposit Bonus available for withdrawal! Please allow 4-8 hours for this bonus to transfer to your account. Bonus does not apply to investments larger than $2000.

Second, you will receive your bonus earnings this Saturday and Sunday. Although we pay interests 5 days a week on trading days, we decided to pay earnings this weekend.

For those who have not deposited with us before, we have an online step-by-step guide to opening and funding a White Fund account located at Your deposit is safe with us, we have a long trading record and professional team. You can withdraw interest daily, and your principal is returned at the end of the investment term.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Malek

Кратко - бонус вложившим депозит в течении выходных 10% а так же выплата бонусов в выходные дни.