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[quote]Fund Nature offers a unique opportunity for you to earn reasonable interest from the trades operated by highly experienced specialists. It is very easy to explain why trading with Fund Nature is the best in kind. Our main advantages include: * Profits paid daily, weekly and monthly: you can make up to 3 % per day * No loss guarantee: no loss from the negative trading results is deducted from your account, your investment is insured with Fund Nature * Beneficial referral program: you can get 10% life-long referral commission from every referred client's investment and reinvestment.[/quote]

[b]Инвестиционные планы[/b]:
0.5-2% daily for 30-120 days
7-17.5% weekly for 4-16 weeks
45-90% monthly for 1-4 months

Минимальный вклад: $1
Максимальный вклад: $100 000
Реф-программа: 10%
Выплаты: Ручные
Принимают LR.

Мой депозит:
Date : 2010-07-03 11:48:04
From/To Account : U5247496 (Fund Nature)
Amount : -20.0000
Currency : LRUSD
Batch : 31781797
Memo : Payment for Daily Silver Plan

[URL=http://www.fundnature.com/index.php?refer=sqmonitor][B]Посетить Fund Nature[/B][/URL]
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