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Друзья, предлагаю вашему вниманию новый фонд:


О проекте…
Our goal is to empower our clients with effective and dynamic investment portfolio management so that they can maximize their unique personal potential. Our screening criteria eliminates objectionable investments, thus allowing our investment screens to identify stellar investments. We offer a diverse and flexible alternative to mutual funds which are produced and managed for a mass market.

Continual research entails adapting to economic and investment trends is a never ending theme with the goal of providing meaningful returns within modest risk situations. As your investment manager, we manage the account according to your unique investment needs and risk tolerance in accordance with our moderate-risk, growth-oriented style. Since we’re flat-fee managers our incentive is linked to your success. You can be assured we avoid conflicts of interest and excessive expenses.

Our view has always been to invest in excellence, the best ethically clean companies the world has to offer, and allow our clients to be empowered with the results. For the individual investor, this could mean the opportunity to directly support causes and non-profit’s with the transfer of shares of equities that have risen sharply from a low cost basis.

Our style is a Growth-oriented with a worldwide relative strength bias. We select stocks based upon market leadership and sustainable earnings growth. In addition, to further reduce risk and increase long-term annual returns we shape our portfolio to monetary policy and historical stock-bond relationships.

So what do we invest in? All investments must meet a Sustainable Business guideline. This means many of our investments would be considered environmentally neutral. Our screening criteria is based upon two issues: Humane and Environmental issues. Currently, we screen and eliminate the following industries: Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Companies with significant environmental issues and “Green-Technology” Companies.

We strive to be unique, to set the standards for others and demonstrate our ability to sustain and grow.

Вкладчикам предлагаются следующие инвест-планы:

Сроком на 30 дней:
Сумма депозита: $200.00 - $999.99; Профит: 5.15%
Сумма депозита: $1,000.00 - $2,999.99; Профит: 5.23%
Сумма депозита: $3,000.00 - $5,999.99; Профит: 5.33%
Сумма депозита: $6,000.00 - $9,999.99; Профит: 5.44%

Сроком на 45 дней:
Сумма депозита: $1.00 - $199.99; Профит: 4.00%
Сумма депозита: $200.00 - $1,999.99; Профит: 4.19%
Сумма депозита: $2,000.00 - $3,999.99; Профит: 4.26%
Сумма депозита: $4,000.00 - $5,999.99; Профит: 4.36%

Сроком на 60 дней:
Сумма депозита: $500.00 - $1,999.99; Профит: 3.62%
Сумма депозита: $2,000.00 - $4,999.99; Профит: 3.69%
Сумма депозита: $5,000.00 - $9,999.99; Профит: 3.73%
Сумма депозита: $10,000.00 - $99,999.99; Профит: 3.91%

Первоначальный вклад – не возвращается.
Выплаты автоматические, 7 дней в неделю.

Проект работает с Liberty Reserve.

4% от каждого депозита вашего реферала.

Date : 2010-17-03 10:22:19
From/To Account : U9392225 (BioCoin Investment)
Amount : -25.0000
Currency : LRUSD
Batch : 32904326
Memo : Investment (45 days Plan),0% Compounding,admin@ocean-m.net,
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