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Рассылка от админа -

[quote]Dear members,

It's our second day of high-ROI expiries and to make everything smooth on my end, here are a few reminders:

1. please check your payment processor IDs:
- For STP, it has to be your username
- Liberty Reserve ID starts with 'U', ex. U1234567
- StrictPay ID is your 5-digit ID
- PerfectMoney ID starts with a 'U' also. NOT your 5 or 6-digit log-in ID.

I've seen a lot of mistakes with the PM ID that I have to search our deposits records for your correct ID. Make sure also that your LR ID is correct and has no spaces, I've paid two requests already that has invalid IDs so I went to the deposits records again. Good thing it didn't went through or else I've had to pay twice.

I'm requesting that you please double-check your PP IDs, if there is a mistake, please email us at [email]staunchfinances@gmail.com[/email] and put in the subject 'PROCESSOR ID CHANGE'. Include your username and either your zipcode or birthdate to be sure that it is really you.

2. I would really appreciate it if you post your payment proofs on 1 or 2 of our many forum threads. I'll be working hard in the background for you, the least you can do is support the program by doing so. Thank you!

3. Many emails are bouncing especially those who are using their ISP's domain email. Please replace it with a free email like gmail.com, yahoo.com or hotmail.com to receive the latest news updates from me.

4. Remember that there are no earnings posted during the weekends.

5. All withdrawal requests are PAID and up-to-date!

A few stats that might interest you:
- our current member count is 616, almost 400 of those have upgraded and invested.
- the total deposit amount is a few thousand less 'til $50K
- we average between $5K-$8K deposits daily since we launched, I am expecting this to go up as we go along.

Thank you again and do have an awesome weekend ahead!

Обратите внимание на основное -

[b]1. пожалуйста, проверьте ваши идентификаторы платежной системы:
- Для STP, оно должно быть ваше имя пользователя
- Liberty Reserve ID начинается с 'U', напр. U1234567
- StrictPay ID Ваш 5-значный ID
- PerfectMoney ID начинается с 'U' тоже. НЕ ваш 5 или 6-ти значный ID входа в систему.[/b]
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