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Рассылка от админа

[quote]Dear members,

I hope that the start of your week has been exceptional! I, and my team, are glad that we can communicate with all of you again. Know that even though we weren't able to send any updates the past few days due to our email being blocked by gmail, we are working doubly hard for all of you in the background.

Tomorrow is our third week online and I must say that we are as strong as ever! Even with the few high-ROI HYIPs that opened these past two weeks, it hasn't affected much of your support. But I will continue to remind you that there are high-risks and there are low-risks, I will not tell you what to choose because I believe you are smart enough to know that already, just remember that 'diversity' is the key.

On our 1st month anniversary (May 21st), I will be unveiling three (3) HUGE surprises to all of you our members. I am not going to divulge any yet but I'm pretty sure you will like it!

We surpassed 800 members already! Member #700 (not Member ID) is Inez260, we are waiting for her to be active and she and her upline will both win up to $70 each. Member #800 is hyiphot and he and his upline is set to win up to $80 each. This is part of our ongoing referal contest which will end once we reach 1000 members where the winners will win $100 each.

I will remind each and everyone of you again to BE ACTIVE on our different forum threads. Please post your payment proofs by cut-and-pasting the email you receive from us or from your payment processor. Cross-out your processor IDs and you are good to post. 1 or 2 forum threads is enough, you do not have to post on all of them. You can find the links of our major forum threads on the 'News' archive of the SF site. Anyway, I will send an email tomorrow of our forum poster winners as I will check each and every one of our forum threads and decide who's the most active.

Thank you all and have a nice and profitable week ahead!

P.S. Please check your payment processor IDs and make sure they are correct when requesting a withdrawal.[/quote]

Число участников проекта перевалили за 800 человек. Названы два победителя - 700 и 800 участники. Победители и их рефереры получили соответственно по 70 и 80 баксов каждый.
[QUOTE]Это - часть нашего продолжающегося передикого соревнования, которое закончится, как только мы достигаем 1000 участников, где победители выиграют 100$ каждый.[/QUOTE]

И самое интересное -

[quote]На нашей 1-ой годовщине месяца (21-ого мая), я буду представлять три (3) ОГРОМНЫХ неожиданности всем вам наши участники. Я не собираюсь обнародовать это, но я довольно уверен, что тебе понравится это![/quote]

Посмотрим, чем он нас обрадует...
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