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[quote]Money-Tree Investment Group is a global financial services that provides a comprehensive and integrated range of investment opportunities. Through our unique investment strategy we are able to offer opportunities to everyone who seeks a financial success. We believes that this can be achieved on a consistent basis by adopting a short term investment horizon, seeking to invest in market which has potential for high or improving growth over the short to medium term.[/quote]
[b]Инвестиционные планы[/b]: 109% after 3 days, 132% after 8 days, 180% after 16 days
без возврата депозита, начисления 7 дней в неделю.

Минимальный вклад: $10
Максимальный вклад: $18 000
Реф-программа: 5%
Выплаты: Ручные

Принимают AP, LR, PM.

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