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[quote]Investing online can be an easy and efficient way for self-directed investors to make their own investment decisions. Indeed, the technology now available to those investing online enables investors to seize market opportunities that previously appeared out of reach to the average investor. However, investing online does not diminish the importance of evaluating potential investment decisions and researching the fundamentals of a stock, such as a company's net earnings, P/E ratio, beta, the products a company offers and the market in which it competes. Additionally, the same technology responsible for online investing also has the capacity to amplify market risks, as well as create new risks unique to online investing. It is essential that you understand these risks before investing.[/quote]
[b]Инвестиционные планы[/b]: 103-111% after 1 day, 111-133% after 3 days, 133-199% after 7 days, 199-299% after 15 days
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