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[quote]Thelibertyreserve Investment offers the services of a world class investment firm dedicated to improving clients financial lives and making their futures more gain. As an independent firm, Thelibertyreserve provides objective advice and is committed to excellence for its clients. An optimal investment program is designed to work within the broader context of the client's financial, retirement, and estate planning objectives. We work closely with clients to help address all facets of their circumstances.[/quote]
[b]Инвестиционные планы[/b]: 103-130% after 1 day, 110-150% after 2 days, 54-75% daily for 2 days, 150-300% after 5 day, 250-500% after 7 days

без возврата депозита, начисления 7 дней в неделю

Минимальный вклад: $1
Максимальный вклад: $10 000
Реф-программа: 5-10%
Выплаты: Ручные

Принимают LR, PM

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