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По умолчанию Investina - investina.com

[b]Cтарт 04.08.10.[/b]
[i]Я не являюсь владельцем/администратором данного проекта.[/i]
Investina is an offshore financial company, located in Panama, dedicated to development, study and implementation of different financial systems and methods to take profits in volatile markets.
As a financial company registered in Panama are legally authorized to provide investment professionals programs carefully managed by our traders and financial experts who are operating successfully for more than three years.
We work for you, we advise you and assure you a good day interest. Our team of professionals at your disposal.
After several years working in various financial markets, Confidence Business has developed various financial systems successfully tested.
Currently the company has a staff of 4 persons. 2 experts traders of financial markets, 1 expert who deals with the purchase / sale of properties and 1 secretary. The company remains in constant expansion. Our staff will soon expand to offer more and better services.
Investina specialize on trading at foreign currency exchange Forex, also 20% of all money we invest to serios HYIP.
1. 1% ежедневно на весь срок работы проекта (Монитор план). Мин. вклад: 5$, макс. - 100$
2. 12% ежедневно на 10 дней. Мин. вклад: 5$, макс. - 100$.
3. 15% ежедневно на 10 дней. Мин. вклад: 101$, макс. - 5000$.
Принимает Liberty Reserve. Выплаты Ручные. Анти-ддос.

Наш вклад: 5$ для мониторинга.

Pay system : Liberty

Date: 8/11/2010 17:50
Batch: 42792814
From: U3542176 (Invdefence.com)
To: U5564990 (Investina)
Amount: – $5.00
Currency: LRUSD
Fee: 0.0000
Memo: Deposit to Investina User invdefence.com

[url=http://investina.com/?ref=invdefence.com][b]Investina[/b] - посмотреть проект[/url][COLOR="Silver"]


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