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По умолчанию Online Financial Company - 1.2 % - 2.0 % for 50 -150 Calendar Days

[B]Onlinefincompany - onlinefincompany.com
Start: 2010-06-15

Welcome to Our Website!

Online Financial Company (OFC) project is created and supported by Financial Co. PLC. OFC conducts its major activities in the Sri Lanka. It is a registered corporation in Colombo. The primary field of operation is the engagement in foreign exchange market, managing Forex-related funds and associate activities.

OFC consists of a group of talented and experienced experts from different field of expertise as it is essential for us to develop our strategies and software by employing knowledge from different field to assist our client and us to enjoy the leading position. As the flagship in the industry, the world-class background and education our professions have make their performance unbeatable. Our professions include fund manager, Forex market analysts, software specialists and bankers and brokers.

We have developed our platform for our clients manage their wealth easily. With our self-developed platform, both private and corporate clients can get access to most-updated information about the market condition and the situation and returns to their investments 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, our professions are working on the platform to conduct well-rounded research, in-depth analysis and correct forecast to maximize returns to ensure our leading position in the market.



1.20% daily for 50 calendar days
1.40% daily for 70 calendar days
1.60% daily for 90 calendar days
1.80% daily for 120 calendar days
2.00% daily for 150 calendar days

Payment system - LR,PM
Min - 5.00$
Max - 50000.00$
Ref - 4.00%


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