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ТС По умолчанию Re: 24over7 - www.24over7.com

[size="3"]п[/size]исьмо от админа.
[size="3"]п[/size]ереехали на другой сервер.
[quote]24/7 members,

several hours ago, 24over7.com was migrated to a more powerful server on the same provider, blacklotus.net . During this time access to the site through our domain name [url]www.24over7.com[/url] may not be able to everyone around the globe. These members who are still unable to load the website should see a message with instructions on how to go about loading the website without waiting for their isp's dns cache to be updated.

You can use this ip address to access the website if you want.


temporarily, upgrades might not post automatically on your account so you will need to contact me if you encounter this.

Ok that should be all for now.

Have a blessed day.


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