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Following our previous newsletter we have received numerous mails from users wondering as to why we do not accept PayPal and credit cards. The reason why we do not is security. Simply put, fraudulent misuse of both PayPal and credit cards is too much of a risk for our line of work, and that is why we will not accept them, as well as using credit cards over AlertPay.

We forgot to mention another good exchanger last time - wm-center.com. This exchanger is, as the ones we mentioned, top notch, fast and has live support online nearly 24 hours a day.

One problem which often happens, we would like to note, is that users do not receive mail from us. In this day and age, spam filters tend to be overly aggressive, so make sure to check your spam mail folder for mails that might have ended up there by mistake and also, depending your e-mail provider, there might be a list of blocked mail addresses. If you have problems, please verify those things first.

By the way, today marks exactly 5 months of us being online. Thank you very much for all your support and trust, we could not have done it without you!