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По умолчанию Opulentia

Opulentia is a private investment program with purpose to provide our members with interesting investment opportunities and to gain additional profit with help from experienced and professional investors.

Two investment plans.
Three level affiliate program!
Minimum investment amount is only $1.
Payment options: LibertyReserve, Perfect Money, GlobalDigitalPay, SolidTrustPay and AlertPay
Success and expertise of our managers is a guarantee of very small risk of company failures, which actually means that you, as our fellow investor, will not lose any funds invested with us.
User-selectable compound level
Fast and efficient support team
No need to submit the source of income

Реферальная программа:
If you have enjoyed our professional program, please recommend Opulentia to your friends, co-workers or members of a forum you participate in and explode your earnings with our multi-level referral system:

* Level 1. - 5%
* Level 2. - 3%
* Level 3. - 2%

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