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Prime-Invest Inc. Prime Invest is a registered company in Denmark, We have been operating in the Forex market and real estate investments since 2007. Prime-Invest current expansion in three countries has enabled us to open our investment opportunity for investors globally. Our core values ​​is to provide substantial return on investments with risk free tools, sustainable investments plans backed by a team of professional Forex traders and stock analysts. Prime Invest is the next step to creation of global investment marketplace, safe and reliable place to make money online for everyone. At prime Inc. we simply put our investors first for entrusting their funds on us thereby benefiting from our daily profits in all our commercial activities and making us one of the leading offline and online investment company. Expand your portfolio by investing with us Today. We offer our Investors the following service Prime A 0.25% after 24 Hours, Prime B 0.55% daily for 7 days, Prime C 2.5% daily for 7 days, Prime D 5% daily for 7 days, Prime E 10% daily for 7 days . + Principal Back Accept: LibertyReserve, Payza, Perfectmoney, SolidTrustPay Referral: 5% Withdraw: Instant
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