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Прощальное обращение админа на западных форумах:
[QUOTE]I cannot emphasize enough how sad it is, to see so conclusive comments like this and alike. Support emails, are practically full of various cursing, threats and extremely offensive language. All that after 3 - 4 days of payout delay?
That alone would have been something we could survive and understand, because those are just words and the lack of knowledge about the FACT, that there ARE real opportunities out there.
BUT, you all should know that there are some very selfish, inherently and NATURALLY BAD people among YOU! Specifically, someone, who made large deposit a while back (therefore had more information about our company than others), after receiving the earnings in full, initiated an investigation of our program's financial whereabouts, which in turn, cased probing by the authorities for fraud.
In case, you didn't know, the authorities DO NOT do things any differently, but they are starting from freezing assets and anything they can get their jealous, shaking hands on. This is what HAPPENED TO URInvest and to some of our business partners, causing all operations to stall a few days ago. This only leaves us to regret wasted efforts on database errors correction, reported earlier.
Do you want to know how THEY do it?
ALL it takes to KILL ANY HARD WORKING PRIVATE FUND OUT THERE, is Consistently good fund's performance. Such funds are getting LABELED (often through the media) as "Too-good-to-be-true" and that's it!!! NO OTHER REASONS NEEDED (just watch the latest financial news, but try to think deeper, if you can).
Many of our users know that with every opportunity, we've always warned people that their investments with us involve risks. We've always said that while we are confident in our investment strategies, we are legally obligated to let users know that we cannot provide any guarantees.
HEAR ME OUT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT IS MUCH LESS THE INVESTMENTS, THAT ARE THE RISKS FOR THE HYIP "CROWD", but BAD PEOPLE, with whom those, who are TRUE FINANCIAL EXPLORERS, are investing side by side. Keep this in mind and protect yourself whenever you can!
Please, watch for such (committed to damaging activity) losers, such as DEATHWATCH forum user here, who is here TO BURY ANY opportunity, which stands out. It is the puppet like this, who will keep letting you all explorers DOWN. The nonbelievers like this one, are those, who don't even realize that they are hooked by the "strings" of the governments backed "2%-Yearly-And-Don't-Look-For-Better-Or-We-Destroy-You-And-Stuff-In-Jail" big shot bankers and media.
I wish I could provide more truth here, but I am not advised to do so by our company lawyers, who have now a hard time in front of them.
To conclude, the URInvest program is now closed for the majority, due to the fact that URInvest's assets, as well as those of users, have been frozen for an uncertain period of time.
For what it is worth, we are asking for forgiveness and urging to NOT GIVE UP EXPLORING, many of our users, who clearly expressed trust in our program. We tried (you saw it) and we are truly sorry that we allowed traitors on the program. We tried to "shake them off" early via our promotion plans and shorter term cycles, but they kept "sucking"...
Lastly, we will continue to communicate on recovery plans with some of our users, who took our program seriously. They have been (and will be) contacted individually.
P.S. Those who gave up (including, long time ago), may now proceed nibbling on the "dead flesh", but there will be no replies.[/QUOTE]
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