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Интересное письмо от администрации СТОИКа

Today we celebrate the 1-st anniversary since The Stoic come public. Last year we started among the numerous of HYIPs represented on the market. And now we are of the very few only which withstood, stable and paying!
This year was enough hard, but we have successfully passed through market crunches and collapse of e-Bullion and e-Gold and several other force-majeures which were not negligible. No bad environment effected us. We have achieved great results in our main deals – see 2008 annual report [URL]http://www.stoic-capital.com/index.php?pages=1490[/URL]. We have improved our trading facilities and member\'s interfaces, we have introduced bank wire payment method for deposits and withdrawals of as low as $1,000.
Thus we hope you accept with understanding that our traders and main staff have deserved a reward to have couple days off. Furthermore it is combined with maintenance by the Liberty Reserve payment processor in progress now. And these days our programmers will use to maintain and update our own trading software too (together with improving new Liberty Reserve API, which is more safe).
Therefore, the days of March 03, 04 are counted as days off. These days we do not earn ourselves and that is why the daily yields will not be accrued to your deposits. Support will work through all the days 24x7 as always, all the deposits will be accounted and all the withdrawal orders will be processed and paid without interruption as well (Liberty Reserve deposits and withdrawals will be completed as Liberty Reserve rises up again). The maturity period stays exactly the same – 190 business days (90 business days for Xmas Gift plans), but the maturity dates will be moved 2 days ahead.
The optional payment method we advise is by bank wire transfer for amounts of $1,000 and above and Perfect Money for smaller amounts. The last vulnerability discovered by Liberty Reserve engineers makes us assume the probability of more risks and threats with Liberty Reserve involved.

Краткий смысл -
Отмечают годовщину со дня основания фонда.
Много и упорно хвалят себя - через какие трудности они прошли. Предлагают ознакомиться с ежегодным [URL="http://www.stoic-capital.com/index.php?pages=1490"]ДОКЛАДОМ[/URL] и самое главное - 3 и 4 марта они работать не будут по случаю годовщины фонда (водку пить будут наверное).
Поэтому сроки окончания вкладов сдвигаются на два дня.
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