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[QUOTE]Dear partners,

The online version of Earning Alliance has just completed two weeks online and we would like to share some interesting happennings with you.

We hope Earning Alliance has been a pleasant journey for you so far.

Best regards,
Richard Hayden

Goals achieved
If you remember, our last week's goals were to have 15 custom 'My Plan' investments and 10 registered representatives. We have now 19 active my plan investments but our representatives goal has been extended for another week and a new goal of reaching $50k in total investments until next weeK. We are being very selective about our representatives system as some people are only interested in the extra commissions and not really in the spirit of being a representative. There is no rush and no maximulm number of representatives to be registered.

New investments
Since we first opened to the public, over $34k in total deposits has been collected. This is way more than what we were expecting for our first two weeks so thank you for your trust and cooperation so far!

Earning Alliance Reviewed
To complement MNO's review we talked about last week, Earning Alliance has been revirwed by HYIPS.COM, another selective online investments monitoring service. You can read their full review under the tab 'Our Friends' in our main page. Earning Alliance was graded 8.8/10!

Market News
Dow Jones broke a new record of 14.673,46 this week, going up more than expected due to positive corportate balances in the United States and in Europe. The main reason for this increase is due to the Federal Reserve of the USA who recently released a huge financial pack of loans for investors. We also trade in the DAX30 index, which represents the top 30 german corporations and, in the past month, Germany's supéravit increased to over 17.1 billion euros, surpassing the expected 15 billion for this period.

Trading Activity
As we promissed last week, we will start sharing some of our trading results. We currently work with 10 trading experts working in different areas with different trading accounts for safety reasons. In the table below, you will find some shortterm positions one of our experts in a Dow Jones Fund, a DAX 30 Fund and and Crude Oil trading. We will introduce more examples in our future newsletters.

Image of transactions - [url]https://earningalliance.com/transactions.jpg[/url]

The funds listed in the image above work in a similar way to the stock market. Their value changes every second due to political decisions and new business around the planet and we can buy or sell our positions at anytime. Our strategy uses indicators that show if the market tends to increase or decrease and as you can see, most of our positions were 'buy' transactions, which means we supposed the prices would go up, which actually happened.

We are glad to say that, so far, our website had an uptime of 100% and we have received an average of 5,000 visitors every day. This seems to be a very important concern in this industry and we are taking all the possible measures to make sure you will be able to access your Earning Alliance funds at anytime![/QUOTE]


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