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Реклама сайта, блога, способы заработка. Реклама сайта, блога, способы заработка. Обсуждение готовых сайтов, блогов, идей. Желаете получить посетителей, ориентированных на бизнес, размещайте рекламу здесь. Реклама Форумов по смежной тематике - заработок в сети! Реф. ссылки ЗАПРЕЩЕНЫ!

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По умолчанию Forex Brokers


LiteForex group of companies provides Forex trading speciallists with excellent working conditions on the Forex Market. The main aim of the LiteForex forex trading project is to meet the needs of entry level traders and to ease their way to professionalism and success in Forex trading. Our forex trading terms and conditions suit Forex professionals as well. All these details prove that the LiteForex project is really universal and unique.

Below you can find 14 major advantages of collaborating with our forex trading company:


The LiteForex project offers you the unique opportunity to enter the Forex trading market with just ONE DOLLAR. All transactions on LITE group accounts are effected in US cents, so you can trade by 0.1 lots with margin rates of 1 % at leverage of 1:100 or with margin rates of 0.5 % at leverage of 1:200.


LiteForex group of companies allows you to use forex trading systems and make currency transactions on the Forex market with minimal expense - you pay no commissions, except for the spreads between bid and ask prices.


LiteForex group of companies pays competitive interest income of 3.5% on the balance amount not involved in trading on REAL types of accounts and on a balance of partners’ accounts at the same time providing interest-free credit for forex trading specialists (traders).


LiteForex group of companies offers a floating spread starting from 3 pips and a fixed spread starting from 2 pips. Thus, spread value either remains unchanged (on LITEForex and REALForex accounts) or changes depending on financial market activity (on Floating Spread accounts).


For placing forex trading orders LiteForex group of companies employs Instant Execution technology. It means that on-line forex traders don't need to request quotes before entering the Forex market. They just open and close positions at the price they see on the monitor.


Our forex trading systems and especially the technology of auto-hedging almost completely help to eliminate the need of dealer’s participation in transactions. All orders are automatically executed.


Our company has automated the process of forex trading account replenishment using the most widespread electronic payment systems. Your funds come to your trading account immediately after making a deposit 24 hours 7 days per week.


LiteForex group of companies offers traders a choice of three trading accounts that correspond to their Forex trading strategy and financial skills:
The LITEForex account group has been developed for forex trading beginners above all, but can also be used by traders who wish to test their mechanical trading systems. The main advantage of the LITEForex account group is that you need a starting deposit of only 1USD. After you open a LITEForex account you can trade through our forex trading company on the same terms as other traders working on one of the others account groups. The only difference is the operating funds amount.
The REALForex account group is particularly intended for professional Forex traders who have sufficient experience working with large funds. Depending on the type of account, LiteForex gives traders the choice of the leverage rate from 1:50 to 1:500.
The Floating Spread account group has been elaborated for those traders who prefer trading with a changing spread value. It is possible to execute transactions on Floating Spread accounts using any of the trading instruments that LiteForex group of companies provides. Spread value on this account type changes depending on the current financial market situation. Quotes for Floating Spread accounts are provided with an increased 5-digit accuracy. There is no commission for carrying out trades.


LiteForex offers 83 forex trading instruments including spot Gold, spot Silver and 8 currency indexes in order to provide Forex traders with the best opportunity to choose the most suitable trading instruments.


LiteForex group of companies provides Forex traders with the most popular Forex trading platform - the MetaTrader 4.


To ensure the highest quality of service, LiteForex provides five servers, exclusively dedicated for trading on Forex international financial market: for REALForex accounts, and for LITEForex accounts, for Floating Spread accounts and a server for demo accounts. Each of these Forex trading servers has a number of data centers (customer's access points) located all around the world to provide the quickest possible connection of the customer's Forex trading terminal to the company’s Forex trading servers.


Our company provides forex trading service for Forex trading beginners with minimum starting deposit as well as for Forex professionals; so we employ the most experienced Forex experts and technical support staff available 24 hours 5 days a week.


For clients who want to earn risk-free income not being involved in Forex trading, LiteForex offers a wide variety of partnership opportunities including competitive Affiliate programs such as Internet-Partner, WhiteLabel and the promotion “Bring your friend” in which all interested can participate.


To make your Forex trading successful, LiteForex project offers its clients a bonus each time they deposit their torex trading accounts. The benefit from using this bonus can be withdrawn without any limitations and after completing the promotion conditions the bonus is transferred to the balance.




Flexible trading conditions:
Spread from 0,5 pip;
100 instruments for trading including CFD, leverage from 10:1 up to 500:1;
High partner rebates from 50% to 85%;
Free of charge deposits and withdrawals;
No minimum capital requirements: orders from 2 cents, account currency in USD or EUR;
Annual equivalent rate between 7% and 12.5% for funds available on balance;
MetaTrader 4 platform + mobile terminal including iPhone and Android applications.

High quality customer support:
Free forex training, seminars, consultations;
Full-featured Trader Room or quick and safe account management. All communications are encrypted;
Numerous methods to add or withdraw funds including bank wire transfers, banking cards, electronic currencies;
Quick withdrawal processing;
Latest economic news from Dow Jones agency, market forecasts and signals;
Quick resolution of any querues online through LiveChat on the website;
Free analysis of your trading performance through «Performance analysis»;
Regular trading contests with prizes up to 3000 USD;
Customer support offices in the UK, India, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine and other countries;
Online forum for communication between clients, share of ideas and tips;
Useful website with tutorials and detailed guides on how to work in Forex.

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ТС По умолчанию Re: Forex Brokers

Grand Capital Benefits

Tight spreads (less than 2 pips for majors)
No Dealing Desk Executions
All trading styles are acceptable
Metatrader 4
Demo competitions with real money prizes
Advantageous affiliate program

Choose the right type of account
Types of account Real Micro Real Standard
Spread from 1 point from 1 point
Additional fee - -
Minimum deposit from 1$ from 100$
Available tools 50 261
Leverage from 1:1 to 1:500 from 1:1 to 1:500
Limits on the amount of 1 position 1000 lots 25 lots
Standard lot size 100 000 units (cents) of the base currency 100 000 units of the base currency
Minimum contract 0,01 lots increments 0,01 lots 0,01 lots increments 0,01 lots
System performance «Market Execution» or «Instant Execution» «Market Execution» or «Instant Execution»

Terminals «Grand Capital Trader 4» «Grand Capital Trader 4»
6 currency

4 metal
6 currency

4 metal
Technical support 24 hours 24 hours
The opening bid On Sunday, at 22.00 Moscow time On Sunday, at 22.00 Moscow time

Trading on the forex market is more comfortable and profitable with a reliable forex broker – Grand Capital. For successful trading on forex, we are glad to offer you the best trading conditions as well as fast and professional analytical support.

Trading on forex is a job like any other. Forex is a hard work as well as passion. Trading on forex will give you impressions that no other job can. Those who succeed in Forex trading are usually diligent persons who passed trading education and chose a reliable broker for opening a forex account.

Whether you are beginner in trading or have a considerable experience, working on forex with Grand Capital Ltd. will become a valuable experience for you.
We are providing to you all the comfortable and neccessary intruments for forex trading.

Hot deposit
Learn more Spring and summer are going to be hot, and this has nothing to do with the weather forecast!
Grand Capital invites all of its clients to get unbelievable bonuses for their trading accounts.
5 months in a row you have the possibility to get a bonus for a pay-in transaction to your trading account. The procedure is simple and consists of 4 steps.

«Micro Trade»
Trader contest «Micro Trade» is held on the real cent accounts. Every last week from Monday till Friday while trading on the Real Micro (deposit from $50 to $200) it is necessary to perform maximum profit among all participants.
The first prize – 300% from profit for all tour!
10 winning places
Free to participate

One hour contest – Drag trade
The fastest contest in Russia – Drag Trade. It is held every Friday from 17:00(GMT+2) till 18:00(GMT+2). Trading on the DEMO-account (initial deposit is $100 000) during one hour it is necessary to perform maximum profit among all participants.
The first prize – $200!
10 winning places
Free to participate

One day contest – Rally trade
Traders contest Rally Trade is held every 2 weeks on Thursday. Trading on the DEMO-account (initial deposit is $100 000) during one hour is necessary to receive maximum profit among all participants.
The first prize – $2000!
20 winning places
Free to participate



FrontStocks Ltd Company offers qualitative services for its clients on international financial markets. Company uses up-to-date technologies to secure maximum comfort and convenience for our clients.

1 Minimum transaction size is 1 dollar

Company offers clients to make transactions priced at from 1 dollar. Absence of minimal restrictions on transactions’ volume enables to test trading system’s capabilities in full. Owing to this fast beginning traders can make speculative operations on a par with major investors.
2 Get profit from price change per 1 point.

There are no restrictions on minimum price movement of the chosen instrument when you make transactions. It follows that to get a profit from transaction a 1 point change of rate is required. Transaction execution time is also not limited what makes work stable and pleasant.
3 Client’s anonymity and safety

FrontStocks Company was the first to introduce anonymous accounts enabling a client to trade incognito. Client can be confident in a safety of his own personal information. Also the company is not a tax agent providing a client with an opportunity to deal with profit taxation problems by himself.
4 Transparency philosophy

FrontStocks Company is a market maker and establishes current rates of financial instruments. It means that we serve as a trading site for our clients and are obliged to support both buy and sell orders on traded instruments. To secure qualitative execution of transactions we constantly support a high level of liquidity. Our technologies allow to make use of external counter agents in automatic mode.
5 No spreads and commissions

FrontStocks Company doesn't differentiate prices of instruments on "Bid" and "Ask". We allow trader to open and close a transaction at the uniform price. It means that spreads on all trading instruments are equal to zero and company's profit is already included in transaction costs. Currency options which we offer are a single type of transactions that allows to avoid spreads and commission fees at the same time.
6 No slippages

Every transaction is executed and closed at the certain price. A client fully controls transactions’ execution prices and can always check them using a public source which is a public quotes archive by FrontStocks Company.
7 No payment for carrying positions

Our company doesn’t charge payment from a client for making transactions and carrying positions to the next trading day. Swap deductions are equal to zero. It allows to avoid losses when making medium-term and long-term transactions. It follows that a client shouldn’t worry and take a swap into account when making transactions.

It enables us to assert that trading conditions provided by FrontStocks Company are the widest in the field of speculative operations on the international financial markets to this day.

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